Stand Mounted 20 ltr Drum Agitator

Radial Piston Pneumatically Driven Stirrer / Agitator

It can be used for 20 liter square barrels and round barrels. As long as the liquid material barrel is placed in the quadrupole, the stirring operation can be performed, and the speed can be adjusted steplessly to ideal mixing parameters Propeller design ensures efficient & thorough mixing Propeller available in SS / ALUMINIUM / NYLON / MILD STEEL

Heavy Duty 200 ltr Drum Agitator with pneumatic lifter

Radial Piston Pneumatically Driven Stirrer / Agitator

Heavy duty geared agitator mixes high viscosity materials Leak-free and oil-less gearbox prevents material contamination Stainless steel agitator and cover for corrosion resistance and Waterborne compatibility Twin blades thoroughly mix finishing materials Access port for easy sampling and inspection of material during operation

Radial Piston Air Motor

Radial Piston Pneumatically Driven Stirrer / Agitator

Radial piston air motor use much less compressed air than rotary vane motors. also the Radial piston air motor does not need air line lubrication, which eliminates many potential issues of air line lubrication may cause. Works most efficiently at low to medium speed’s, this makes it ideal for mixing low to medium viscosity material in direct drive mode.

Inlet HP Max. Rotation Speed Air Consumption Max. Pressure Weight
1/4 ” BSP 1 / 2 2400 70 L/Min 6 Bar / 87 PSI ~ 3 kg

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